a love story

“My name is Alec Curry,” he said.

“Curry? That’s my favorite food.”

And that’s how our friendship began. Gym buddies to best buddies, to more than buddies in no time. He was a gentle, kind soul, with wit and charm to match. I was smitten. Soon, I was meeting his family, and he struck up a habit of bringing me everywhere, from parties to holidays, and later, to the altar. He proposed promptly a year and a week after we started dating, and we were wed 6 months later on October 14th. We haven’t doubted each other for a second ever since. Honestly, I thought I would have more to write about this, but that’s what our love is- simple- and I wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s my best friend.

Alec works as a consultant for a very tech-y job I couldn’t explain to you very well, and has dreams of starting his own business one day. He’s very handsome, too. I like him.

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