New York Style Bagels

For recipe, click here

This recipe blew my socks off! It has been one of Alec’s favorites by far, so much so that he saran-wrapped the crap out of the remaining bagels and brought them down to our room for safe keeping. I never had a bagel fresh out of the oven before, and let me tell, you…It’s something you need to experience.

The only differences I made to this recipe was letting the stand mixer do all the work, and twisting them into a different shape. Trying to bake while entertaining a 4-month-old in a highchair is a task to be juggled, so I just let the stand mixer knead the dough for about 7 minutes. I had it in my head that this dough would be pliable (it is very stiff and holds its shape- makes for that signature New York style chewiness) but it did NOT want to be rolled. I pulled and rolled each section into a rope about a foot long, folded it in half, twisted it, (see picture) and tucked the ends back into the loop. The tucking is very important since the dough will not stick to itself and can become undone during the boiling process.



If I make these again, which I most certainly will, I will be doubling this recipe. I made 4 different flavor toppings: cinnamon sugar, rosemary and sea salt, poppy seed, and sesame. Alec and I rationed out which ones we should eat right away vs. save, and it was just too difficult to decide as they were all delicious!

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