Swansong: a metaphorical phrase for a final gesture, effort, or performance given just before death or retirement

Or, in mom-world, the look you give your husband when he comes home from work, after the baby has been difficult all day, and you are about to spontaneously combust.

Baby blues. They’ve come often enough for me to recognize them. The frustration of feeling trapped, getting overwhelmed when I do more than like, two things, the urge to hole up and hide. The only thing that helps some days is a battle strategy.

1. Start a habit

Practice a healthy habit you don’t usually do. Start your morning with some yoga. Make a to-do list. Wake up 30 minutes early to have a cup of coffee in peace!

2. Break a routine

I don’t know about you, but doing the same thing day after day sends my soul into the gutter. Try reshaping your day and vary your daily schedule as much as you can.

3. Get some fresh air

Something your parents probably told you when you were a stir-crazy kid, but I promise you it still works! Go for a walk with your family, or eat lunch together outside if the weather permits. Don’t even need a park to do that!

4. Call for reinforcements

Ask for help! I burden myself with too much and tend to get overwhelmed. Whether you call family in the area, a friend who’s a text away, or your spouse- Invite them over to rescue you so you can sleep or get some things done. Wait until your husband gets home so he can help take on the kids before you start making dinner. The house doesn’t have to be perfect when he gets home! Sure, it’s a nice gesture, but like, it’s not 1950. He’ll understand.

5. Organize your space

Not gonna lie, but sometimes our date night is spent inside, organizing our rooms and doing laundry. I can! not! relax! if the house is messy, so this is therapudic for me. Wait until the baby is asleep (or better yet, muster the grandparents), put on some jams, pour yourselves some wine and get to work!

6. Stop comparing

Stop trying to be like Karen. You’re literally another human being. I guarantee you she’s not perfect, either. Karen probably pees in the shower.

7. Practice gratitude

There have been situations in my life where I literally had to verbally thank everyone around me so I can force my heart to be grateful. (Talking about you, DMV.) Taking the time to thank others or counting your blessings can set your mind on a good path. Instead of looking at all the baby laundry you have to fold with dismay (my least favorite chore) try to be grateful for all the clothes they have to keep them warm, and mentally thank those who gave clothes to your children as gifts.

8. Pray

Pray again, and pray some more. Because even if you don’t “got this”, God has got you!


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